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Livelizard-1.3 installation instructions, remember, you must be running Mozilla. If you find any bugs, please report them here (prefered) or post below. Livelizard has only been tested with newer Mozilla nightlies, so any builds from the past week or two should work appropriately. If you have any troubles installing, please post your user-agent string from about: below. (It looks like Mozilla/5.0 (...) Gecko/2002...

The only real changes to 1.2 are a reorganization of the UI and the addition of spell checking (requires a Google key). Hopefully I'll get the local file store working soon so I can get rid of the username/password options and put them in a separate dialog.

Before hitting the Update Journal button, be sure you log in. This will fill in you mood, picture, and post-as lists.

Next up on the features-to-implement are getting the local RDF datastore working and switching this textbox over to <editor>

Spell checking works by sending your text across the Internet to Google and having it checked. You can check up to 10000 words per day with a key, which you can get a key from the Google APIs page by selecting the "create a Google Account" link.

Once you have your key, go to the Livelizard preferences (Edit | Preferences) and paste it into the Google API Key textbox. Now close and reopen Livelizard and the Spell-check checkbox will no longer be disabled.

When spell-checking is enabled, hitting the Update Journal button will spell check the document, and uncheck the Spell-check checkbox. Hitting Update Journal button again will submit the entry. (Yes, bad UI, it'll be gone by 1.4.)

Warning! I have not fully debugged the spellchecking, if you find any bugs, please report them at the above URL. When spellchecking fails it WILL DESTROY YOUR DATA. This is tough, but you'll have to live with it until I get undo hooked up for the spellcheck bug 1169. As a workaround, select and copy your posting before hitting the Update Journal button. Spellchecking is not very advanced, it should do word by word comparison, but it doesn't. Patches welcome.

You can also use Livelizard with other sites that use the Livejournal API by changing the server URL in the Server preferences (Livelizard | Server in the Preferences panel).

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