Livelizard 1.4

Livelizard 1.4 is now out, you can download it here.

New to Livelizard:
  • Now uses Mozilla's <editor>, so Livelizard has a full HTML WYSIWYG editor.
  • Timezone offsetting. Since my computer's clock is on UTC, I need to fudge the clock for windows. Defaults to 0 hours.
  • Spellchecker removed, it was clumsy and mostly broken.
One thing to note, the HTML source view is mostly useless. If you want to paste in html from one of those online quizes, use Insert | HTML, and paste it there.

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Arg! I've got a wonderful idea for improving the spell checker that all but works, due to bug 112626, which won't be fixed for 1.0.  This means more work for me, perhaps a DOM tree walker will work properly, as I need to spell check "around" the HTML of the post.

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<editor> works!

I've now got <editor> embedded, which gives Livelizard an HTML editor to use. It still needs some work, such as parsing out lj-specific tags, (they look like this: <lj user="test"> now, rendering them useless, but that will take about 5 minutes to fix).

Before I post another release with <editor>, I need to get spell check hooked back up and improved, and figure out why the context menu doesn't show. A larger font size for the source view would be nice. I may end up throwing out the source view entirely, or just pref'ing it away. I'll wait and see what people think first.

After I'm complete with this, I'll try and get the RDF datastore working, so Livelizard doesn't make you log in every time you open the window.

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Livelizard-1.3 installation instructions, remember, you must be running Mozilla. If you find any bugs, please report them here (prefered) or post below. Livelizard has only been tested with newer Mozilla nightlies, so any builds from the past week or two should work appropriately. If you have any troubles installing, please post your user-agent string from about: below. (It looks like Mozilla/5.0 (...) Gecko/2002...

The only real changes to 1.2 are a reorganization of the UI and the addition of spell checking (requires a Google key). Hopefully I'll get the local file store working soon so I can get rid of the username/password options and put them in a separate dialog.

Before hitting the Update Journal button, be sure you log in. This will fill in you mood, picture, and post-as lists.

Next up on the features-to-implement are getting the local RDF datastore working and switching this textbox over to <editor> How to enable spell-checking, and other featuresCollapse )


Livelizard 1.2

If you hadn't noticed, I decided to change the name of this client to Livelizard, as its far less of a mouthful than the old name.

You can now get Livelizard-1.2 here. Of course you need Mozilla to use it. Now it supports everything that the web client's update journal page does except security. Don't worry about the username/password/login ugliness. That will go away once I get the RDF datasource cleaned up.

About the widgets:

Self explanatory
Pick which lj picture you want to show
Either select from the list, or type in a custom mood. This takes a little while to load on the first login when a new window is open, I need to get the RDF datastore working to capture this.
When this is checked, lj will automatically do the newline-to-<br> translation.
Allow comments
Allow others to comment on this post
Automatically set the date on post. If this is checked, the date/time you set in the date and time boxes will not be used.
Post as
Select which shared journal you wish to post into
The lj user to post as
Livelizard will save your password as an MD5 hash. While other people may be able to take you password and post comments as it, they will not be able to read its plaintext value. When opening a new window, Livelizard doesn't know the length of your plain-text password, so it fills in the password box with 16 stars.
If you change your username/password, hit the login button to switch to the new user. I know this is clumsy, and I promise it will go away
Update Journal
Sumbit your journal